How to Enable Windows 10 God mode?

  How to Enable Windows 10 God mode | Tips & Tricks for windows 10

Hello friends! Today we are here with an interesting Windows feature. We are going to discuss Windows 10 god mode. What is windows 10 god mode? and How to Enable Windows 10 God mode? you can find answers to all your questions here. So, Let’s start…

What is Windows 10 god mode?

Windows 10 God mode is a folder which looks like the icon of the “Windows Control Panel”. But the God mode folder is different from the “Windows Control Panel”.

All the settings and hidden settings or the settings that you need but you can’t find easily, you will find them all very easily in the God Mode folder. You have no need to go here & there to find any setting just open God Mode folder and get the setting option you want, just simple.


How to Enable Windows 10 God mode?

There is no tough work to Enable Windows 10 God mode, it is very easy and simple. Just create a folder with windows 10 god mode code and that’s it. Now, open the God Mode folder and get all the setting options of your computer in that folder.

Just Check the step by step guide below to Enable God mode…


Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Windows 10 God mode:-

Step 1: Go to your Desktop and “Create” a new folder.

Step 2: “Rename” that folder with “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}“.

Step 3: After entering this God Mode code in the “Rename” Section just Press “Enter”. And the God mode folder is created on your Desktop.

Step 4: Rename that folder with any Name if you want. And Open the folder and see all the settings here.


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Some Tips & Tricks for windows 10

1. Minimize all active windows except the active one

If your PC screen is looking very crowded with the active windows then you can minimize or hide all windows except the one you currently worked in.

Select the window you want to remain open in the title bar. After selecting the window hold the mouse down and quickly release your finger in the mouse. Consequently, After doing this you see all active windows are minimized except the one you have selected.


2. Check which app is running in the background

You can easily check which app is running in the background by Background App Manager this is another feature of Windows 10. This feature allows you to choose which app you want to run in the background. Additionally, This feature saves your PC battery and your data.

To find Background App Manager go to Settings->Privacy->Background apps


3. You can easily find or search your documents in Cortana

Cortana is a great or interesting feature in the windows platform it comes with lots of interesting features and tricks. One of the greatest features of Cortana is you can easily search your files just by typing their extension.

For example: If you type picture extension that is .jpg in Cortana then it will show you all list of JPEG pictures in your PC.


4. Open Secret Start Menu

Similarly, Everyone knows that where is the start menu, click the window icon at the bottom left of the screen. Additionally, Windows 10 also includes a second start menu that is the Secret Start Menu. In the Secret Start menu, you can access important features like the Control Panel, Command Prompt, and the task manager. To access Secret Start Menu There are two different ways that are pressing the Windows key + X or right-click on the Windows icon.


5. How to take a Screenshot

This is very easy, but if you don’t know it then I told you this is a very good feature in windows 10. There are so many ways but I tell you two easiest ways.

If you want to take a screenshot of your entire PC screen then click on the windows key + print screen key.

Furthermore, To capture just one part of your PC screen then click on the Windows key + shift + S, now there is a snap and sketch tool will open, this tool allows you to click and drag to create a screenshot.


7. Windows Built-in Screen Recorder

Moreover, If you want to record your PC screen then there is another amazing feature in windows 10 that is Built-in Screen Recorder you can find it inside the new Xbox app. However, this is a basic screen recorder that comes with limited features.

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