Screen Mirroring – Cast your Smartphone screen to a TV

What is screen mirroring? Method for connecting your smartphone to Your Smart TV


What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring helps you to share your screen in other wireless devices. Screen mirroring and screen sharing both are the same things. With the help of Screen sharing, you can share your laptop, phone, or computer screen on to a TV screen. Screen sharing is helpful in your office work and also in your home.

Nowadays most of the apps come with a built-in screen sharing option such as Netflix and Youtube. Some people have confusion between the screen mirroring and screencasting. They both are different things. When you’re are casting the video this means that you’re displaying the video on another display. You can still use your device in screencasting without interrupting the video. While in screen mirroring you can’t use anything else.

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Method for connecting your smartphone to Your Smart TV by screen mirroring

There are two methods for Screen mirroring they are:

  1. Wired screen mirroring
  2. Wireless screen mirroring

Wired screen sharing: In the wired screen mirroring the HDMI cable is connected between your device to a TV. 

Wireless screen sharing: In the Wireless screen sharing there is no need for a cable to connect your device to the TV. Nowadays many devices have already built-in wireless display options. If your device and TV have built-in wireless display technology then you can easily connect the wireless display between them.


Usage of Screen Mirroring Technology:

Screen sharing is the technology that is used in schools, collaboration, meetings, home entertainment, and businesses. 

Screen sharing in Schools:-

This technology is used in schools and colleges to promote collaboration, demonstrate student practice, and add mobility to teaching versatility. Moreover, the cross-platform compatibility of this technology is ideal for education settings because a wide variety of devices are used frequently in schools and colleges. 

In Bussiness:-

In businesses & organizations, many professionals often need a big screen to present their content during meetings & seminars. So, in that case, screen sharing technology makes it very easy to share presentations or reports, content ideas, and collaborate in meetings, conference rooms, and common areas. So, in today the requirement of screen mirroring solutions with the cross-platform compatibility is a must-have a thing in the businesses & organizations. 

Screen sharing for Home Entertainment:-

Screencasting technology is also useful in homes. Many general consumers are using it for streaming movies, videos, photos, mobile gameplay, music, and more from their smartphones to TVs or their computer/laptop screens. And, to do that, you need to have a software that provides you the screen sharing interface. AirParrot and Reflector are the popular screens mirroring software in the market now. (More Mirroring Apps)


Compatibility Issues When You Sharing a Screen:

Not all the devices play well together while you sharing a screen. In some cases, you can not mirror any smartphone to any TV screen. And this also happens while you trying to connect your phone to TV using any magic app, you can not force it to work just because of compatibility issues. The devices you trying connect also have to be compatible with each other. Because it may also be that both device you trying to connect support screen sharing but may not be able to connect with each other. Consequently, this compatibility is the reason where the problem arises.

But, you have both of the devices of the same company, like from a Samsung smartphone to a Samsung Tv or Kindle Fire tablet to Amazon’s Fire TV you can share media very easily. Because as you might suspect, both devices from the same manufacturer are generally comfortably compatible with each other. 

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