How to protect your privacy from tracking apps

How to protect your privacy from tracking apps || How to protect your privacy on smartphones

Want to know How to protect your privacy from tracking apps? Nowadays we have done most of the online work from the phone. This is good and easy but as we know there are suspiciously attacked are performed on the internet by the hackers. Hackers know we use mobile devices to do just about everything. We use mobile devices for internet banking, booking cab, tweeting, browsing Facebook, sending emails, and many more things.

Also, those apps we have used on our smartphones they track our privacy regularly because we give them permission after installing them. Similarly, we have stored our all information on mobile devices, and that’s the reason we are not protecting our smartphone from the privacy tracking apps.


Learn How to protect your privacy from tracking apps:-

1. Stop sharing your location with the apps

The first thing that you do to protect your privacy from the tracking app is to stop sharing your location with the apps. Moreover, many of the apps request your location after installing them Like news apps, weather apps, and many more apps. They work fine without giving them permission. 

To disable location sharing service: Go to setting>>apps>>permissions>>location.

Furthermore, Disable the location sharing with the app those you think this app has not to need location permission.


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2. Download the app from the trusted app stores

There are so many third-party apps out there and they might look great. We suggest don’t download them. We don’t know how secure and private it may be. It’s better to download the app from a trusted store like a Google play store or Apple App store. Also, see the user review after installing the app and entering your personal information.


3. Check App permissions first after installing an app

When you download any app check its permission first. If they ask to give them unnecessary permission which they don’t need then stop use them. Download the app that requires minimum permission.


4. Install a Security App Or Antivirus

You would not let your computer go free of antivirus and so why you leave your phone unsafe? It doe not matter how safe its manufacturer says it or what the operating system your mobile device has. your phone is unsafe and vulnerable if you access the internet on it. So, for its safety install a Security App Or Antivirus on it. There are various antiviruses and firewall apps available, some are paid and some free. Just choose the security app and install it on your phone to protect your privacy. 


Some Known Privacy tracking Android Apps:

There are Many Popular Apps are those that are known for stealing user privacy. Their many apps of this kind from other countries but especially all Chinese apps are Track your Privacy. So, I would suggest that avoid Chinese applications, if you need any application then use alternate of that application by another country. Ok, Let’s check out some of the popular Privacy tracking applications.

  • TikTok
  • Share it
  • UC browser 
  • Baidu Map
  • Shein
  • Helo 
  • Likee
  • Club factory 
  • NewsDog
  • BeautyPlus
  • WeChat
  • Bigo Live
  • Parallel Space
  • Vigo Video
  • QQ Launcher

There are many Chinese Privacy tracking applications. Check full-list.


Ways to protect your privacy on smartphones

5. Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

Don’t click on any suspicious link if you have got on your emails, message and while browsing on any apps. Avoid them, most of the suspicious links are made by the hackers for stilling your personal information. Even the banks have a special page that explains what they will and will not ask for.


6. Update the phone software regularly

Update the phone software regularly if you want to protect your privacy for being theft. For keeping software up to date men you have the latest security protection. If your phone software is too old then we suggest stopping using this. Moreover, there is a high risk for your privacy to being theft.


7. Don’t use open WiFi network

If you using public wifi or open wifi network then we suggest avoiding an unknown open Wi-Fi network. This type of Wi-Fi network transmits your personal information and credit card detail without you even knowing it.


8. Download Apps from Only Google Play Store & App Store

Download Apps in your smartphone only from the Google Play Store & App Store, because your phone’s app store provides you enough protection against malware and Spywares. Because your phone’s app store and Google Play Store reviewed apps for malware before they added in-app store. 

But the apps and files you downloaded directly from 3rd party websites they can’t promise the same kind of protection as your phone app store. So, if you are using Android smartphones then don’t permission to your phone for installing apps from the “Unknown sources”.


9. Use a VPN on open Wi-Fi networks

It is hard to avoid using open wi-fi. But remember that when you are busy, connected to an open wi-fi, and need to do some online transactions there is a very strong chance for tracking your information. It will happen when you are in a coffee shop or in any shopping mall and you connect your phone to their unprotected open wi-fi network for making a purchase or doing a banking transaction in these types of scenarios use VPN for connecting open wi-fi. Moreover, VPN helps you to be anonymous online so you can use open wi-fi safely.

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