How to Fix Motion Blur in PC Games

How to Fix Motion Blur in PC Games

In high-resolution gaming You experience a phenomenon aptly every time when you move your character, that phenomenon aptly is called Motion Blur. There are different sources from where the Motion Blur comes, and in some of the cases, your monitor has the few options for reducing the motion blur if you are lucky. So, here we have discussed here those few options that can tell you How to Fix Motion Blur in PC Games, and here you will also get some important tips to increase your Game’s frame rates to improve your gameplay. So, let’s check out this article and improve your gaming experience…


Some Methods to Fix Motion Blur in PC Games

We have listed some methods below that help in fixing motion blur in PC Games. So read this full article this will help you a lot.

1. Increase the Refresh Rate of your Monitor.

Refresh rate feature helps to fix the motion blur effect in PC Games. All monitors have pre-inbuilt refresh rate features available that are set to 60Hz. We need to increase this. The refresh rate decides how many numbers of times the display picture will be refreshed.

Moreover, if you ever have used the gaming monitor you will see they have no motion blur problem because their refresh rate is very high as we see a normal monitor. Their refresh rate is set to 90Hz to 144Hz and even higher.

So if you want to increase their monitor refresh rate to fixing their motion blur effect follow the step listed below:

  1. Open the setting in your PC
  2. Now click on the System tab
  3. After opening the system tab you see the various options on your left-hand side, now click on the Display option.
  4. scroll down you will see Advanced display setting option, click on this option.
  5. Now click on Display Adapter Properties for a display option that is in the bottom
  6. After clicking on this you will see a dialog box will be open.
  7. You need to go on the Monitor tab and then click on the drop-down under Screen Refresh Rate and select the maximum refresh rate that will be shown.

2. Turn Off motion blur in your game setting

Many game add this setting in your game to look more cinematic and this also fulfills the requirement of the display with a low frame rate. However, we don’t know how but this setting makes the motion blur effect in your game. To check their motion blur effect you can turn it off in your game setting and see the result.

For turning off motion blur in your game setting follow the simple steps that we have listed below:

  1. Open the game and press the ESC key in your keyboard.
  2. It will open the game menu
  3. After opening the menu click on the setting.
  4. Now click on the graphic setting.
  5. Lastly, you will see option motion blur in the graphic setting now you will turn it on or off easily.
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3. Increase your Game’s Frame Rate

Are you want to run your PC games faster and smoother without investing a penny? Yes, then you have to increase the frame rates of your games and to so that try out these tips given below and increase your gaming framerates(FPS) before shelling out a new graphics card.

  1. First of all, make sure that your drivers are up-to-date, if not then please update your drivers to increase to improve FPS in windows.

  2. The second step you can take to increase your FPS is “Adjust your best performance”.  For this, you have to go on the Controle panel and click on “System” and after that go to “Advanced system settings”. Now, here you can adjust the settings for your best performance.

  3. This tip, Click on the “Start button” and click on “Settings”. Now, select “Gaming” and go to “Game Mode” here you have to turn on the toggle button of “game Button”.

  4. You can also increase frame rates if you lowering your graphics settings. If you reducing the display resolution then this may also increase your frame rates but it depends on your hardware. But lowering the resolution will speed up the gameplay in many cases. The best solution for you to adjust resolutions is to adjust the resolutions settings using the game’s graphics settings.

  5. The fifth tip for you to increase your frame rates is Overclocking. You can also increase your Frame rates by overclocking your computer and make gameplay smoother than as usual. But if you are a casual gamer then we don’t recommend you follow this tip.

  6. You can also install Razer Cortex on your computer to increase your frame rates. Razer Cortex is a free game booster that can help you to optimize your computer and make your gameplay better. Moreover, this tool managing and kills processes, and it also handles the autorun of unwanted apps that don’t need while gaming.

  7. The next tip to increase your frame rate is to perform a malware scan on your computer and remove it. Because the malware that installs on your computer without your permission is damaging your system. Malware can steal your data and upload that data on their hosted server, so they can perform many processes in background and malware can also damage your computer system. So, make sure your computer is free of malware. It can make your system safe and also increase your gameplay. To perform a Malware scan you can use free malware removal programs like Malwarebytes etc.


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