How to Capture Video Clips in Windows 10

How to Capture Video Clips in Windows 10

There are different reasons to capture video clips in windows 10. This feature helps a lot in your work whether you’re a YouTuber or making a video for software tutorials and making a video for the presentation work.

However, in windows 10 this is very easy but not everyone knows how it is done. So don’t worry in this article we will describe in a very easy way that helps a lot to understand how to capture video clips in windows 10.


Capture Video Clips in Windows 10 by using the Windows Game Bar Built-in Tool:

You may be surprised after knowing the windows 10 has a built-in screen recorder. Especially, this feature is used for recording the games but it also records the activity of your browser, windows apps, or any other windows programs. Moreover, The activity of your screen is recorded in the mp4 format video file.

You can find this amazing software in windows by just open the pre-installed XBOX app and then press windows + G key on your keyboard. If you can’t find the Xbox app, simply type Xbox in your search box.

Follow the following steps to capture video clips by using the windows game bar built-in tool:

  • First, open the game bar by just pressing the Windows + G key.
  • If you want to record then press the Windows + Alt + R or want to stop then again press the Windows + Alt + R key.
  • Also, if you want to record audio then press the Windows + Alt + M key.
  • For record last 30-second video press the Windows + Alt + G key.
  • To start Broadcasting press Windows + Alt + B key.
  • After recording your video was saved in the captures folder.

Furthermore, This window feature allows a limited video editing feature. They do not allow to record full-screen video.

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Best Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

To record your computer or laptop screen you can use windows inbuilt screen recorder but if any case if you have no in-built screen recorder on your computer or you have a problem with your in-built screen recorder then you can download another screen recorder for your computer. there are various screen recorders are available on the windows web store and internet. Many are available for free and many are paid.

So, it depends on you which one you want to use free or paid. we have listed here some of the best Free screen recorder software for you, just check out below…

Free Screen Recorder Softwares:
1. OBS Studio:-

OBS Studio is free software for screen recording. Moreover, you can do video recording and live streaming without a watermark or time limit. Most of all the hardcore gamers can broadcast their live gameplay stream, they can prefer this software. So, if you are gamer then go with OBS Studi9o screen recording software to do your live streaming.

2. Activepresenter:-

ActivePresenter is a screen recorder software by Atomi Systems. Moreover, it is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor software. The peoples who love this software most are Youtubers, video producers, trainers, and educators who make video demos, How-to, and step-by-step video tutorials. So, if you are also YouTuber or anything else and looking for a good video editor as well as screen software, then go with ActivePresenter screen recorder software. you will get both screen recorder and video editor in one place.

3. Flashback Express:-

Flashback Express is a software by Burberry. It is a free screen recorder software that can help you to record screen, webcam, and sounds. Moreover, with this screen recorder software, you can record your screen without time limit and watermark stamps. If running your computer on a multi-monitor system, then you can also record your screen across multiple monitors or limit capturing to a single monitor with this software. So, You should also try this software if you searching for the best free screen recorder software.

4. Free Cam:-

Free Cam is a free and very simple screen recorder software. Moreover, in this screen recorder software, you will also get an in-built audio/video editor. This software provides you an attractive and intuitive interface that can allow you to create screenshots with the ease of professionalism. So, I think you should also try this software.

5. CamStudio:-

CamStudio is also a free screen recording software and it is a good choice for one-time or occasional users who need some minimal editing. With this lightweight and open source software you can create videos in AVi format and later you can also convert those videos to SWF. So, if you don’t need screen recorder software permanently then try out this lightweight software.

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