Best Emerging Technologies

Top 5 Best Emerging Technologies of 2020

The latest technological advancements and innovations have moved the technological world to the next level. These developments led to new, competitive advantages for businesses that are created by emerging technologies. Today we are also going to discuss some of the popular and Emerging Technologies. So, check out this post may these Top 5 Best Emerging Technologies can help you by giving competitive advantages to your business. Check given below…


Best Emerging Technologies of 2020

1. Cognitive computing

In simple words, Cognitive computing is a mechanical system that helps to improve human decision making to solve complex problems where the answers may be uncertain and equivocal. Moreover, Cognitive computing has a self-learning algorithm that uses a natural language process and data mining. In Cognitive Computing the computer can copy the way just like the human brain works.

Moreover, if you compared AI or cognitive computing then you see cognitive computing has a different concept. AI can implement the best algorithm to solve a given problem whereas cognitive computing goes a step beyond they try to think as the human brain thinks. They learn by studying patterns and suggest peoples take action based on their understanding.


2. Virtual assistants

A virtual assistant is simply a self-employed person who works remotely. They are specialized in providing various services to entrepreneurs or online business. Most small businesses use virtual assistance because they don’t want to spend money on office or staff. Virtual assistants do almost everything.

The virtual assistant can do various things including:

  • Scheduling appointment & managing email accounts
  • Social media management
  • Making phone calls
  • Event management
  • Making travel arrangement and Booking hotels

3. Wearables Computing

In simple words, Wearable computing is a piece of technological equipment that can be attached around a wearable device including wristwatches, clothes, shoes, and many more similar items. These wearable computing device helps to monitor various activities in the area.

Moreover, Wearable computing devices monitor the activities that are happening in your body with the help of sensors. Most of the sensors track body motion, heart rate, brain activity, etc.

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4. WebRTC

The Full-form of WebRTC is Web real-time communication. Moreover, WebRTC is a very exciting, powerful, and highly disruptive cutting-edge technology and standard. This technology enables between two browsers peer-to-peer audio & video and communication. If you want to use WebRTC, then you can use it very easily, it is very easy to use because WebRTC requires no plugins, frameworks, or applications. To use WebRTC all you have to need is WebRTC compatible Browser. WebRTC is an HTML5 specification that can help you to do real-time communication between browser and devices.

If you are an end-user, then WebRTC “just work” right of the box for you. WebRTC applications require No Flash, no Silverlight, no Javascript APLI, just pure video, audio, and data communication on any webpage.


5. Wireless power

Wireless power is called electricity transfer from a power source to an electric load without interconnecting wires. This technology has been around for decades. We use this technology for decades in applications such as telemetry, satellite communications, and radiofrequency (RFID). There are various benefits of Wireless Power. With the help of wireless power, you can completely seal your device. If you are looking to get rid of a power port of your device, you won’t remove something you don’t want in your system or want to make your device waterproof, the wireless power can allow you to do these things with perfection.

Moreover, wireless power offers you a multitude of real-world applications with anywhere from 0 to 200W of power transfer. Another great benefit of Wireless power is it increased the life of the product.

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